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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

12 down:Top Secret War Plans, 30 across: Treason

DISCLAIMER: The different points of views of Ann Coulter are not supported nor do they reflect the views and beliefs of the Bosun Locker or any entity affiliated with the Bosun Locker.

In Ann Coulter's latest column posted at World Net Daily (WND), 12 down: Top secret war plans, 36 across: Treason, the take-no-prisoners commentator, Ann Coulter, takes aim at the New York Times, as she wonders when the paper will uncover an al-Qaida secret program.

Ann discusses the latest of a long list of formerly top-secret government anti-terrorism operations that have been revealed by the New York Times. Last week the paper printed the details of a government program tracking terrorists' financial transactions that has already led to the capture of major terrorists and their handmaidens in the United States.

Ann Writes, "Thanks to the New York Times, the easiest job in the world right now is: 'Head of Counterintelligence - al-Qaida ..... You just have to read the New York Times over morning coffee, and you're done by 10 a.m." She continues, "The greatest threat to the war on terrorism isn't the Islamic insurgency - our military can handle the savages. It's traitorous liberals trying to lose the war at home." Link to Ann's commentary at WND

Also here is a link to Ann's commentary at Human Events Online...

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1 comment:

Crazy Politico said...

I don't generally read Ann, she's a touch to far over the top for me most of the time.

However, she's got a point on this issue.