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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Immigrants must learn English

According the the nightly news, new arrivals to this country must adopt American values and learn English, President George W. Bush said Wednesday. I am not giving President Bush a pass on amnesty, just making an observation.

Perhaps President is beginning to come around on the immigration issue. He has move a tad to the center on this since his intial whacked out left approach to immigration and the guest worker program. For the rest of the details of his latest speech, please visit: Immigrants Must Learn English, Assimilate, Bush Says

With that said, let focus on the anger of the American public is changing the terms of the immigration debate. We should secure our border and have a true enforcement policy in place before even considering a temporary worker program.

Let President Bush, Congress and the goofy Senate know that passage of a massive guest worker amnesty won’t be a stamp of approval; it will be a badge of shame.

Fax and call your representatives and let them know that you want your country back.

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