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Friday, June 09, 2006

Brits release brothers: Another rush to judge without the facts

According to the UK Telegraph, two brothers arrested last weekend in terror raid have been freed without charges. The brothers were arrested following a controversial anti-terror raid by police during which one of the them was shot. Early news reports from the British press indicated that a bomb making workshop was found. Later reports indicated that a bomb making workshop had not been found.

Now the police have released the brothers without charges after nothing was found. The brothers had been held and were questioned at London's high security Paddington Green police station for several days.

This incident comes on the heals of the questionable shooting last year of a Brazil man and other incidents that targeted Muslims in Britain.

Fortunately, the brothers' family held up well during the ordeal and maintained their sons' innocence. In addition, the family encouraged Muslims not to attend anti-police rallies that were organized by others in the community. The family did not to antagonize the tense situation.

Now the police must sift through their probable cause for the original raid. For more information regarding the release link: Terror raid brothers freed without charge

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