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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Texas Governor Rick Perry: Virtual Border Fence.

On June 1, 2006, while speaking to a gathering of sheriffs from border counties, Governor Perry unveiled his plan for a virtual border fence utilizing cameras, patrollers, and a toll-free telephone number for reporting illegal immigrants and criminal activity. Source: Reuters - Texas governor plans "virtual" border patrol

“While enforcing our border remains the responsibility of the federal government, the consequences of an action are felt right here at home in Texas.... The state will not wait for Washington to take all the necessary actions.” Governor Rick Perry, February 2006.
This forward thinking governor, in February 2006, also instituted “Operation Rio Grande:”

  • A DPS rapid response team of state troopers dispatched to troubled areas;
  • DPS narcotics, motor vehicle theft and criminal intelligence investigators to conduct covert patrols and surveillance activities;
  • DPS fixed and rotary aviation assets to support Operation Linebacker patrols;
  • A DPS SWAT Team and the development of regionalized, enhanced swat teams with rapid response capabilities;
  • A border-wide investigation of alleged incursions by the Mexican military, conducted by the Texas Rangers; and
  • Other state assets, including Texas Department of Criminal Justice canine search teams, Texas Parks and Wildlife game wardens, and Texas Department of Transportation road barriers.
If you have not done it already, incorporate the Minutemen into your plan, sir. With pro-active civil involvement, perhaps we can turn back the tide. Thank you for being a good American, Governor.

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1 comment:

Rosemary said...

Great article. It's about time someone realized you have to work together! It's almost like saying, "Kidnapping and bank robbery are jobs for the federal government (FBI), so we won't do anything about those crimes." That encourages, not discourages, criminals! Idiots.