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Friday, June 02, 2006

A rush to judge

Our social pundits, mainstream media, and members of the democratic party are rushing to judge our service members in Iraq. It sure sounds like the beginning of a left wing anti-war overdrive. And, the democratic pundits are jumping on the train as fast as they can.

The problem with rushing to judge is that before facts are known, innocent parties may be raked through the mud. And the mud of false accusations does not wash off. I would like to wait and see what the investigations uncover before I would try soldiers in the press for murder.

Jack Murtha, former war hero, Democratic activist, anti-war recidivist, former Marine officer and his buddy John "F" Kerry another anti-war activist, former Navy officer have joined with the main stream media and other political pundits in passing judgment on United States Marines accused of murder in Haditha, Iraq.

Not long ago, a disgruntled sergeant removed from his squad leader position by his superior officer, Marine Lieutenant Illario Pantano, brought murder charges against Pantano. Pantano was originally cleared of those charges. But, mainstream media, political pundits and the disgruntled sergeant resurrected those charges a second time. Pantano was placed in living hell for several months because of the false accusation rail job. Pantano was finally cleared.

Just this week, a military probe cleared US troops of wrongdoings in a March raid in Ishaqi, Iraq deaths. An overly zealous BBC spearheaded that witch hunt and kept the charges going for as long as they could. The fact is that, "Innocents are killed in war."

Death on the battle field does not respect age, sex, race, or creed. War is hell. Soldiering is not a dream job with clearly defined duties.

Unfortunately anti-war pundits like Murtha and Kerry will jump on the train of damnation, before, they find out what really happened. It sure ure sounds like Kerry's Winter Soldier Testimony all over again; throw all service members out with the bath water.

This blogger cannot speculate on guilt or innocence of soldiers in the heat of battle and suggests to Murtha, Kerry, and the mainstream media to give the soldiers the benefit of an investigation and trial before they pass judgement. If the marines acted inappropriately, then so be it. Justice should be served after the investigation and legal processes are completed.

If the Marines are innocent and the truth points to a setup, it is up to the final investigation to make that call, not Jack Murtha, John Kerry, the mainstream media or any urine-ant pundit. Two wrongs do not make a right.

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Rosemary said...

You may be interested in this link about 2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano. I was involved in some of the reporting.

Thank God for that outcome, but I'm still pissed that the little piss ant that purgered himself received not one day of time. It wasn't right.