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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

North Korea provokes USA into Missile Defense

Today President Bush has given permission to get the Missile Defense System in ready status, because the North Koreans have gassed and set one or more of their missiles on the launch pad, we have just learned from Bill Gertz who writes for The Washington Times.
    The Pentagon activated its new U.S. ground-based interceptor missile defense system, and officials announced yesterday that any long-range missile launch by North Korea would be considered a "provocative act."
    Two Navy Aegis warships are patrolling near North Korea as part of the global missile defense and would be among the first sensors that would trigger the use of interceptors, the officials said yesterday.
    "The United States has a limited missile defense system," Mr. Whitman said. He declined to say if the system is operational or whether it would be used.

    "U.S. Northern Command continues to monitor the situation, and we are prepared to defend the country in any way necessary," said spokesman Michael Kucharek. [continue reading]
It is about time. Now let's pray that it works.

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Tom said...

On the one hand I'd love to see us shoot down their missile.

On the other, we'd be a laughingstock if it misses.

So the question for the president is, what is the probability of success, and are you a risk taker?

Of course I don't know about the first, but we know he's a risk taker.

The_Bos'un said...

Tom sounds like you do not have trust in our technology.

Rosemary said...

I have an answer for both of my fav. guys.

1. If we do not take this down, we can see where we are flawed and fix it. Quickly! lol.

2. Tom may have been listening to people whom appear to be sensible. I would not. Look at their records! Tom is NOT someone who does not have neither faith nor trust! lol. After all, he served as well. :)

How are you guys doing? Well, I pray! I'm fine. I just wish we could crush this little nuisance who is covering for the 9,000,000,000 ton elephant in the middle of the room which is CHINA. Our enemy.