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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Army Corps of Engineers at Fault for Katrina Flooding

I will not pretend there were not many mistakes during the Katrina Hurricane, but you have to read this.
In a sweeping new study of the causes of the disaster in New Orleans, the Army Corps of Engineers acknowledged today that the levees it built in the city were an incomplete and inconsistent patchwork of protection, containing flaws in design and construction, and not built to handle a hurricane anywhere near the size of Katrina.

"The hurricane protection system in New Orleans and southeast Louisiana was a system in name only," said the draft of the nine-volume report.


Nonetheless, he made it clear that he believed outside influences played a role in the problems of the flood protection system, though that did not absolve the Army Corps. As one example, he cited the Corps' plans in the 1970's to put large barriers at the narrow openings between Lake Pontchartrain and the Gulf of Mexico. The Corps backed off from that plan after a court challenge from environmental groups, and then proposed floodgates at the city's drainage canals — but local officials of the levee boards and sewerage and water boards blocked that plan as well, and so the Corps went with the next fallback plan of building floodwalls in the canals.
I wonder how many will hear about this report? Will they understand that President Bush wasn't even in office when this occurred? I don't even think Bill Clinton was in office!

Do we really need the US Army Corps. of Engineers? (They are NOT connected with our Military.)

This is not their 1st failing, oh no. Have you ever been to DC? Did you go near the Potomac River? That was another job of the Army Corps. of Engineers. (It stinks there.)

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