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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ann Coulter takes no prisoners, as usual!

In Ann Coulter's latest column, that was just posted at WorldNetDaily, the take-no-prisoners commentator hammers the media for publishing never-ending polls saying the American people oppose the Iraq war and President Bush.

"According to the polls, the public's feeling about the war in Iraq began three years ago with fear, skepticism and dread - and steadily went downhill," writes Coulter."If these poll results were accurate, support for the war should be about negative 3,000 percent by now. The public would have stormed the White House, seized the president and flogged him to death."

Concludes Coulter: "There is ... one poll taken by millions of Americans every day, year in, year out. Based on plummeting viewers, circulation numbers and ad rates, we can say with some certainty, the American people are beginning to loathe the liberal media."

I give her column a definite thumbs up! Please stop in and read Ann's article at WorldNetDaily: Coulter!!

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1 comment:

Shimmy said...

Ann Coulter thinks about dead people when she's making love.