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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

'Mom,' 'dad' to be Axed from School Textbooks

'Mom,' 'dad' to be axed from school textbooks?

Wacky left gender-neutralizing bill could also jeopardize prom kings, queens......A traditional-values organization in California is warning the state's residents that a bill pending in the Legislature, if approved, could remove all references to gender in public schools – threatening even references to "mom" or "dad" in textbooks.

If the bill, SB 1437, were to become law, warns the Capitol Resource Institute, "it could potentially require gender-neutral bathrooms in our schools and all references to 'husband' and 'wife' or 'mom and dad' removed from school textbooks as the norm."

Sponsored by Democratic Sen. Sheila Kuehl – a lesbian actress best known for playing Zelda in "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis" in the '60s – the legislation would add "gender" (actual or perceived) and "sexual orientation" to the law that prohibits California public schools from having textbooks, teaching materials, instruction or "school-sponsored activities" that reflect adversely upon people based on characteristics like race, creed and handicap.

For more on this wacky left bill, please go to World Net Daily SB 1437

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Rosemary said...

Now this is down right sick.