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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Next Time

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Next Time

I (Crazy Politico) was going to leave this story alone, since just on the Washington Post's coverage, 105 bloggers are talking about it.

However, I can never help being a smart ass over serious issues, or being one over issues that really aren't serious.What am I talking about? The video of the President being warned of Hurricane Katrina being serious.

If you follow the link on "the video" above it's about 15 minutes of coverage of the briefings.

What I came out of after listening and watching wasn't Mike Brown talking horses, but talking horse sense. He was showing concern about the possibility of a "disaster within a disaster" at the Superdome before the storm hit, was Ray Nagins or Kathleen Blanco showing that same concern? He was also concerned they hadn't designated other shelter areas in the city, why not Mayor?

The video doesn't show, as much of the media has been reporting, Max Mayfield talking about the levee's breeching. In fact the word was never used, at least not in the cuts that the Washington Post has up. What he talked about was the levees being topped, which a completely different subject, water going over, not through, levees.

I came away after 15 minutes impressed with FEMA and the National Guard (who has a short spot in here) knowing what they wanted, where they wanted it, and what they wanted to do. I also came away thinking they weren't very impressed with either Mississippi or Louisiana being ready for this based on the shelter talk, and evacuation issues that were brought up.

So, with hurricane season not too far away, I have a suggestion for the President. Since the press, and certain elected officials, would like to lay the blame for all bad things related to Katrina on your step, be better prepared. This year, issue executive orders placing possibly affected counties, parishes, and states under Federal control. Total federal control over money, transportation, evacuations, etc. Don't let the states do anything.

If the states have an issue with it, show them the way they treated the feds after Katrina, and tell them to **** off. They think it's your responsibility, make it yours, and let them kiss your ass.

What do you folks think?

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