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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bosun's Op-ed: Open letter to Senator Feingold

Dear Senator Feingold,

The world has changed and the threat has changed. We have to be right every time, they (Islamofacists and their perverted religious views) have to be right only once. Apparently Senator you have not yet figured that out.

Hello Senator!!! We are now engaged in Asymmetric warfare!!

Theoretically, a weaker party should relent to the will of the stronger and the world would settle into a hierarchy with a clearly delineated pecking order. Unfortunately to the chagrin of many an economist, man is not a rational creature and fights even when he cannot possibly hope to win. This sets the stage for desperate polities and non-state actors to take enormous gambles and recreate themselves to effectively wage asymmetric warfare. History teaches us that the weaker party generally adopts the most radical transformations as opposed to the conservative strategy of the stronger power. Stronger powers utilize asymmetric warfare to a lesser degree; they have no need to take risks on technological revolutions as opposed to technological evolutions, as guarantors of the world system they are less likely to attack the infrastructure of the world system or undermine the nation-state model for fear of creating safe havens for non-state actors like Al-Qaeda (1) (and other enemies of the United States.)

We have not heard the worst of, or, the last of those piss ants who flew airplanes into the Pentagon and World Trade Center. They (the piss ants) want to destroy us and our society.

If they (our enemies in the war on terror) find a way to do it, it is going to be over in a complacent flash…..

There are a lot of factors we have to figure into the NSA equation. I would rather be protected and safe, and think that our policy should have some degree of oversight by government agencies, such as NSA.

It seems to me that if someone calls a cave on the Afghan - Pakistan border (or a hotel in Manila, Singapore, Vancouver, Toronto, Mexico City, etc. etc,) and the person on the other end of the line is an enemy of our country, we would be negligent not to listen in and find out what the heck is going on.

We have a history of the Clinton administration (Janet Reno and her legal beagles) pursuing terrorism as a simple criminal issue, and look what happened. Perhaps you do not agree because, after all you are a liberal kool-aide drinker.

Senator, I understand that eventually we will have a democrat administration and I still would want the ability to listen in on known threats as soon as possible (ASAP) Does not change my position on the matter.

I know as soon as you and your left leaning liberal party figures how to dump President Bush, your position will undoubtedly change. The responsibility of command unusually does that. However you and your buddy, Johnny Kerry, may want to cede the United States to France. Then you and the rest of the dhimmis could wave a white flag for the next 150 years.

Perhaps, your party may be the party of cowboys (brokeback cowboys, that is.) Heck, I don't know where you are coming from your ok, maybe I am all messed up.

Footnote (1): Asymmetric warfare From Wikipedia


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