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Friday, March 03, 2006

Carter seeks to derail US policy with UN

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In another unprecedented leftist maneuvering by a former president toward President Bush and the United States policies with the United Nations,
former President Carter made a personal promise to ambassadors from Egypt, Pakistan, and Cuba on the U.N. change issue that was undermined by America's ambassador, John Bolton. "My hope is that when the vote is taken," he told the Council on Foreign Relations, "the other members will outvote the Unites States." The story, as Mr. Carter recalled, began with a recent dinner for 17 he attended in New York, where the guests included the president of the U.N. General Assembly, Jan Eliasson; an unidentified American representative, and other U.N. ambassadors from "powerful" countries at Turtle Bay, of which he mentioned only three: Cuba, Egypt, and Pakistan. The topic was the ongoing negotiations on an attempt to replace the widely discredited Geneva-based Human Rights Commission with a more accountable Human Rights Council.

"One of the things I assured them of was that the United States was not going to dominate all the other nations of the world in the Human Rights Council," Mr. Carter said. However, on the next day, Mr. Carter said, Mr. Bolton publicly "demanded" that the five permanent members of the Security Council will have permanent seats on the new council as well, "which subverted exactly what I have promised them," Mr. Carter said.
Read the full story in New York Sun: Carter Seeks Vote in U.N. Against U.S.

Where did Carter get the authority to speak for the United States, and then bitch about being disrespected. He went out on one of his limbs and then the branch got pruned, as usual. Even the Iranians disrespected him during the hostage crisis and released the hostages after former President Reagan took office. Since then, there have been those in the wacky left who accused the Republicans and the Reagan team of some secret backroon deal with the Iranians. In reality, the Iranians were afraid of Reagan. Carter was a wimp then and still is a wimp. Except he is now a delusional backstabbing wimp.

Former presidents usually refrain from attacking a sitting president, but, Carter, better known as the weakest president in United States history, has stepped out of the mold with increasing frequency.

Could it be that he sees his non - legacy passing away as the years go by? Both he and former President Clinton have taken their jabs at President Bush in recent years. Perhaps seeing the funeral of former President Reagan, and the honors bestowed upon him by the world at his passing is motivating these attacks.

Lets face it folks, Carter has screwed the pooch and about everything he did, except for Habitat for Humanity. And, although former President Clinton did many great things in during his office, he will be best known for "not having sex with that woman" and his impeachment hearings.

The libs and leftists are going nuts with the performance, and sometimes lack thereof of our President Bush. But, in terms of successes, President Bush has done a great job liberating two countries and planting the seeds of Democracy in the Middle East.

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Old Sgt said...

Great read, maybe he should stick to Habitat for Humanity and peanuts, ya think.

Bos'un said...

Old Sgt,

THanks for the comment. I am tired of former President Carter besmiching our President's reputation at a time when the world situation is so critical. Former President Carter's dhimmitude attitude, helped set the stage for our current events. He is the one who sold Iran out to the clerics and mismanaged a lot of other political events during his reign of incompetence. I thought that his daughter, Amy, was running the show and she was just little kid at the time. He used to reference what she thought in his weak speeches.