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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

News across the Ocean 3/22/2006

It is an amazing thing to have to read an Arab paper to get the news we in America should be receiving on a daily basis. Why is it that we do not get this information that is vital to our decision making process? It is because we have an agenda 'dinosaur' press, and people are learning this. Thank God.

I have a collection of articles. I was looking for the article of the Christian man in Afghanistan who is facing the death penalty because he will not return to Islam, when I ran into these other interesting articles. I hope you agree. :)

Analysis: Liberia's president briefs the UN, by William M. Reilly, UPI.
This is a remarkable woman who can make a sharp comment wrapped in a soft spoken answer to the question, "What about Charles Taylor?" She wishes the UN had stepped up to do it's part after he was indicted by the Sierra Leone Special Court with the approval of the UN. She did remember, however, that Nigeria said they would release him from their protection if a democratically elected president from Liberia asked for him. (Isn't that just so sweet, the creeps!)

Sudan upbeat after Darfur mission extension, written by Mohammed Ali Saeed, AFP.
This is a lot tricky. The AU has agreed to stay on for another 6 months, but at the end of that time they will turn Darfur over the UN. What a disaster for the people of Darfur. This genocide has to stop, NOW. I hope that NATO steps in faster than molasses.

Sudan hits out at Ethiopia in border dispute. Okay. I thought they were happy? Sudan is also on the verge of a civil war with Chad! Oh, but he's pleased? Give me a break. Who's writing and believing this crap? Sorry. I'm just worried about the silenced voices that cannot tell you their stories. I'm very angry at the 'World Community'. What world community? I never joined! When was the vote? Let me stop, and write about something else. Please read this.

Qadhafi says Saddam is legitimate Iraqi leader. Not that I thought this scummy person had anything worthwhile to say, but I did think it curious that he wet his pants when the war began. So much so that he gave some of his nuclear weapons to us!

PLO anger as Hamas prepares for power, written by Hossam Ezzedine. Another ho-hum, 'I don't care' article; but I thought maybe some of you might. It's actually quite funny.

German engineer on trial for aiding Libya's nuclear program, written by Carsten Hauptmeier.
This is one time I am not going to say, 'There goes Germany again." This is A German, not the whole country. He is on trial, so we shall see what happens if he is found guilty. I will be curious to see that!

US keeping close eye on trial of Afghan Christian. This is the article I was looking for! It is about a 42 year old man who grew up Muslim and converted to Christianity. Now he faces the death penalty?

PLEASE! Write and Call Your Congressperson and the White House. We have to be vocal about this. Not violent! I condemn violence before you even think of it! No! Just make your voice heard for him. You dishonor him with violence.

Franco-Turkish groups rally against Armenian genocide memorial. I had no use for France or Turkey, but now I burn with anger. May fire consume them. May their days be darker than they already are. May they come to terms with the fact that there are enough of us still alive that remember your genocide. You bastards.

Turkey's Kurds yearn for official status for their language. Turkey must think they are still the Ottoman Empire! How dare they treat my friends this way. This is so wrong. Please read this article, then show your support by reading my friends' site: Kurdistan Bloggers Union. These are very good people, and I'm sure you will like them.

Well, that's all of them. At least the ones I chose to share. I'm always afraid there is too much information. No one likes to read that much! Well, except for weirdos like me. :)

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