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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ann Coulter:N.Y. Times, broken clock - Both are occasionally correct

In Ann Coulter's latest column, that was just posted at WorldNetDaily entitled: N.Y. Times, broken clock: Both are occasionally correct, Ann Coulter rips the New York Times for "warning congressional Republicans to abandon the Iraq War or face ruination in the November elections."

Coulter goes on to document how those leaders who have stood firm in fighting the Iraq War have actually won their recent elections -- just the opposite of what the Times' claimed. If ever there was a clear case of the press trying to manipulate elections and spin the public, this is it.

Coulter has a lot more to say about the Times' shoddy journalism in her column, and you can find it right now on WorldNetDaily! Link to: Ann Coulter - Clocks

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