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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

State Department responses to terrorism

Response to Terrorism

U.S. Designates Hizballah-Controlled TV, Radio as Terrorist Entities
Treasury action freezes U.S.-held assets, bars contact with U.S. entitiesThe Treasury Department has designated two Hizballah-controlled broadcasting outlets as global terrorist entities. In a March 23 announcement, Treasury named al-Manar, a satellite television operation either owned or controlled by Hizballah, as a media outlet funded by a terrorist organization and supported by the Iranian regime -- itself a state sponsor of terrorism. The Lebanese Media Group and its radio and TV subsidiaries were singled out as global terrorist entities for promoting Hizballah activities. (complete text)

Colombia, United States Allies in Fighting Terrorism
State's Crumpton applauds nation's progress, ongoing bilateral cooperationThe United States looks forward to continued cooperation with Colombia in fighting narco-terrorism, says U.S. State Department Coordinator for Counterterrorism Henry Crumpton. At the Organization of American States’ Sixth Regular Session of the Inter-American Committee Against Terrorism in Bogota, Colombia, he announces that the United States will commit $2.25 million to expanding regional counterterrorism coordination. (complete text)

Coalition Forces Rescue Three Kidnapped Peace Activists in Iraq
Operation based on intelligence from insurgent detainee, says U.S. generalCoalition forces successfully freed three kidnapped Western aid workers who had been held by Iraqi insurgents for four months, U.S. Major General Rick Lynch announced March 23. “I am happy to report that all three are in good condition; they have had a medical screening and are anxious to reunite with their families,” Lynch said during a press briefing in Baghdad. (complete text)

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