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Friday, March 31, 2006

Christian Reporter Jill Carroll Free!

Reporter Jill Carroll (sp?) has been freed. I just heard it over the radio (KRLA 870am) at 5:31am PCT. I also heard her say she does not know where she was held. (At least until she gets out of Iraq!) I must look for more details. Just thought you might like to know. Have a good day.

Update: Here is an article you may read to learn more. Basically, she is fine, she doesn't know where she was, she wants to be with her family, and thanks to everyone who prayed for her release.

Update 2: CNSNews also has a good article on this situation.


Anonymous said...

It is so easy to get caught up with the emotions of the moment and celebrate Jill's release. I wish her well. But one has to be cautious.

Perhaps Jill is suffering from Stockholm syndrome. But, the pickup of her original anti-war, anti-us troops, pro-Mujahideen rhetoric is alarming.

I recommend using reservation and caution when discussing Jill and her captivity until the facts are known. Remember, Jill went to Iraq to expose "the struggle of the Iraqi people," code word from the leftist movement.

I would not be surprised if she and Miss Sheehan eventually join forces. If I am wrong, so be it. Just, be cautious with Jill until to facts are known.

By the way, you have a good blog with a good mix of views and issues. Fair and balanced reporting is the way to go. Unfortunately our mainstream media has lost focus with journalistic integrity. It is refreshing to see this in the blogosphere.

Rosemary said...

Thank you for your kind words. I agree that we should be careful. I was leaning toward maybe she was not free to speak what was really on her mind? Aside from the Stockholm syndrome. I don't know. She kept talking as if to convince someone else, not us, they did no harm.

How can she said? They murdered her interpreter! You are indeed correct that we need to wait. I'm just glad whenever anyone is freed, no matter their political stripes. As long as they are our side! (meaning=don't let the enemy free)

Old Sgt said...

Well, I am glad she is free. However, I see some major contradictions in what she has said and what she is saying now that she is released. Shortly after she was kiddnaped she was seen on video crying and pleading for her safety. yet, after she was released she claims that she was never threatened. Smells real fishy if you ask me. maybe she can open up after getting home. Would be nice to shed some light on the confusion.

The_Bos'un said...

Old Sgt,

I gotta agree with you on that. Also, Anonymous seems to be coming from the same direction. Something does not smell good on this. I have read what Christain Science Monitor says and will have to take a wait and see.

Being a father of two adult sons, I used to have to wade through adolecent baloney a time or two. And, I tried to pull the wool over my folks eyes a time or two.

Not sure if it is manupulation or her being a victim of the terrorists who allegedly held her. As Rosemary said, we'll have to wait and see. The truth always comes out in the wash (unless one is a liberal lefty, then it is ok to BS and hard to come clean.)

Rosemary said...

Okay. I know I'm just a chick, but has anyone heard the news lately??? SHE WAS FORCED TO GIVE THE PROPOGANDA! Hehehe. I was right!

I'm laughing because it isn't too often when men are on one side, I'm on the other, and I end up being right.

Actually, we are ALL right! You said it sounded fishy? Well, in a way it was! They were right there, as I suspected. See? We were all correct! :)

I love happy endings.

The_Bos'un said...

Looks like the wait and see worked. I had reservations and wanted to wait until the facts were in. Sorry that Jill got a bad time from the terrorists and then from the blogosphere. She was forthcoming quickly with her account of what happened including the off camera terrorists who had the guns.

We can conclude that the terrorists are misfits. I am glad Jill Carroll is back in the USofA and wish she and her family well.

Rosemary you did a great job and seem to be right on the money, as usual.