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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bosun's Op-ed: The Metro-male transformation of the American man

Michael Medved brought this metro-male topic up on his radio show today. He pointed out that Margret Thatcher told President Bush (41) for him not to go “wimpy” on her during Gulf War 1. President Bush (41) did not go wimpy and kept his resolve. His son, President Bush (43,) has the same “non metro-male” qualities. Get the job done, make decisions, and be in charge. And, this drives the weak at heart nuts.

Yep, the metro–male, or, if you will, the metrosexualization of the American man. Remember the days when guys were guys and gals were gals. You know men were from Mars (the warrior) and women were from Venus (soft and feminine). Sometime after the 1970s, men started behaving like women and women behaving like men. Not all of us, just some.

Now don’t get me wrong, it is OK for us “mates” to have a sensitive side from time to time. But, we are plumbed differently from women and them from us. Our hormones are different and our personalities are wired differently.

President Bush (43) is resolute and focused. President Bush could care less about the Mainstream Media (MSM), popularity polls, or grammar. He looks likes a guy just doing his job. President Bush could be driving a truck, doing ranch work, working on a home improvement project, or sitting in the Oval Office doing the People’s work. He is comfortable and assured of himself. President Bush is a man's man. And he drives the liberals, leftists, and social engineers nuts.

Now lets look at the presidential wannabe John Kerry, he tried to present himself as the new wave liberal. Among his gaffs, Kerry voted for the war and then criticized the president for failing at diplomacy. He is the guy who said he voted for the 87 million before he voted against it. Kerry is the king of flip flop and has backtracked on everything he has said.

Joe Lieberman is a man of honesty, integrity and reputation. He takes a hard stand for things he believes in and is not afraid to swim up the stream, so to speak. Look what this has gotten him; ostracized by his “kumby ya” party for being a hawkish democrat and standing alone in his beliefs.

While I am at it, I would like us to look at good old “Professor” Al Gore for a moment. This guy reminds me of a middle aged woman going through change of life. Good old Al changed from being vice president for eight years to being just good old Al, and has not learned to accept reality. That is why he continues to joke about the election every public speaking engagement he goes on. One good thing is the libbies and lefties do not need cue cards to laugh, it is a miserable repeat each time. Good old Al needs to get some Prozac and try to work on becoming normal.

I believe that both John and Al are suffering from metro-male or metrosexual syndrome. I have probably angered a lot of the new age guys by now, but, that is the way I see it.

Ladies, am I nuts or is there some truth to what I have said up to this point? Gentlemen are you offended?

Fellas, I get annoyed when I hear about guys shaving their legs, waxing their chests, buy 20 different moisturizing creams to pamper their sink and getting perms. I know a guy, with slightly thinning hair, who gets his perm and looks Alice in Wonderland (or is it Alex in Lalaland) with those curls. This guy is in his 50s and I originally thought he was going through his second childhood. Heck maybe he is reverting to second infancy.

There you have it folks, the metro male or metrosexual, “a clotheshorse wrapped around a dandy fused with a narcissist. Like soccer star David Beckham, who has been known to paint his fingernails, the metrosexual is not afraid to embrace his feminine side.” [1]

When the going gets rough who cares about the curls, nail polish and other bells and whistles that a narcissist wants to wrap himself in?

Give me either of the two Presidents Bush or Joe Lieberman any day.

Thank you for reading my rant. Feedback will be graciously appreciated. Although, I might not care. There is a little cowboy in us all.


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