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Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Christian Peacemaker Teams is NOT Pro-Peace

If they were, they'd protest the terrorists who did this to their member:
Mr. Fox's body was found this month. He had apparently been tortured by his captors before being shot multiple times in the head and dumped on a trash heap next to a railway line in western Baghdad.

This was brought to my attention between work, listening to Dennis Prager, first hour. I found more at Michelle Malkin's regarding how the CPT statement on their website doesn't even acknowledge let alone thank the true peacemakers- the soldiers- who worked hard to bring about their rescue. The only reference to the military is to blame them for the kidnappings in the first place:

They knew that their only protection was in the power of the love of God and of their Iraqi and international co-workers. We believe that the illegal occupation of Iraq by Multinational Forces is the root cause of the insecurity which led to this kidnapping and so much pain and suffering in Iraq. The occupation must end.
How about the power of the U.S. and British special forces? From today's NY Times:

The men were freed by multinational forces in a military operation.

The hostages were found when American-led forces raided a house in western Baghdad, acting on information from one of two detainees interrogated late Wednesday night, Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch, a spokesman for the American military, said at a news conference in Baghdad.

In London, the British foreign secretary, Jack Straw, said the mission had included British forces.

"It follows weeks and weeks of very careful work by military and coalition personnel in Iraq and many civilians as well," Mr. Straw said, adding that it involved a number of countries, including Canadian personnel.

Also from the CPT statement:

We pray that Christians throughout the world will, in the same spirit, call for justice and for respect for the human rights of the thousands of Iraqis who are being detained illegally by the U.S. and British forces occupying Iraq.

Ok...why don't they go protest where real genocide is occurring? Sudan? Darfur, anyone? If they really wanted to work toward peace, maybe they should protest ALL VIOLENCE BEING COMMITTED. By only coming down on U.S. and Coalition forces trying to help with reconstruction and security in Iraq, they are siding with the terrorists and complicit in the violence of the insurgents against Iraqi civilians. It is their presence that adds fuel to the violence. It is the Christian Peacemaker Teams message of outcry against the U.S. that gives the insurgency hope; that what they are doing- i.e. terrorizing the Iraqi people, is working and to keep it up. So long as tragedy TV and the mainstream media and the "anti-war" peace activists such as the CPT give the terrorists a loud voice to shout with and a prominent platform to stand upon, there will be violence and there will be the slaughter of the innocents.

Peace activists piss me off, because they are not pro-peace. They are blind to the evils that their actions give aid and comfort to. Do you want to see what a real peacemaker looks like? Here you go:

Put those into your peace-pipe and smoke it!


The_Bos'un said...

Awesome firepower superiority. Michael Savage, of the Savage Nation said recently that the guys with the biggest guns win, unless Dingy Harry Reid gets a chance.

Wordsmith, Welcome back from vacation. I kept checking at your site an noticed you much have been relaxing a little.


Tom said...

Nice photos!

I am as disgusted by these people as you are. As a Christian myself, I pray for their safety. However, I shake my head at their thinking. "Useful idiots" is the term I'd apply to them.

The_Bos'un said...

Tom, Thank you for your comments. I was trying to ignor those useful folks for the other cause. Your comments and perception are always graciously appreciated. Have a good day.

R/ Bosun

Rosemary said...

Dear WordSmith,
I will not take back a single prayer. I will still rejoice in their freedom, even if they do not. And I sure as heck will honor our men who were braved the danger to save their sorry arses.