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Friday, March 24, 2006

US Witness tells of Jihad, al-Qaeda, and his involvement in war against Britain

Found in an overseas newspaper, Times Online United Kingdom, that is following the trial in Britain, Our American terrorist, because they live in UK and are most affected by the terror case. Follow the links and read if you dare.

And, the United States Mainstream media and the liberals of America still want to squash NSA Wiretapping. Bull!! Russ Feingold, Dingy Harry Reid, Sheets, Chuckie Schumer, Teddy Kennedy, and the rest of the demagogue party are trying so hard to screw up NSA wiretapping and trying to sabotage President Bush's war on terror. The coverage by Times Online United Kingdom shows our demagogues do not have a clue on what they are doing.

Talk about incompetency of our leglistators, the trial in Britian reveals what we should know about the war on terror and how close we are to national disaster. We are luck if the United States of American and Western World last another 5 years without a major conflagration with Islamofacism.

Even after President Bush is retired and out of office, these fools will blame him still. America when are you going to wake up to the truth. The doomsday clock hands just moved another micro-inch to midnight.

al-Qaeda 'supergrass' who wanted to wage war in Britain
By Nicola Woolcock
AN AMERICAN terrorist-turned-supergrass who conspired with islamist extremists to blow up British targets was a follower of Abu Hamza alMasri, the jailed cleric, the Old Bailey was told yesterday. Muhammad Babar, who has admitted having links to al-Qaeda, was taken to court by armed police amid maximum security to give evidence against his former accomplices. He allegedly left America days after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, to fight in Pakistan, even though his mother, who worked in the World Trade Centre, had narrowly escaped death when the aircraft hit.

Babar, 31, told the court that he met Omar Bakri Muhammad, the exiled leader of alMuhajiroun, a radical Islamist group, during a visit to Britain. He was later in contact with Abu Hamza and spent time in Pakistan preparing for jihad (holy war) with 15 to 20 "brothers," mostly from Britain.

The prosecution claims that these men included six of the seven defendants standing trial for conspiring to cause an explosion in Britain. Targets that they discussed included Bluewater shopping centre in Kent, a Central London nightclub, a train or power supplies.
Babar has pleaded guilty in New York to terrorist-related offences, including what the American authorities described as the "British bomb plot". He is the first supergrass linked to al-Qaeda to give evidence in a Western court and has been given immunity from prosecution in relation to his evidence. Read the rest and weep at the train wreck coming. You know there are more just like this guy. And, make sure that you also read this link:

Terror suspect 'was involved in al-Qaeda plot to obtain a dirty bomb'
By Nicola Woolcock
Among the intended targets was the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent AN ALLEGED Islamist terrorist accused of planning attacks on targets in Britain
was involved in a plot to buy a “dirty bomb” from the Russian mafia, the Old
Bailey was told yesterday.

Salahuddin Amin was said to have been entrusted by senior figures in a terror cell in Pakistan to act as a go-between in their planned purchase of the radioactive device.

He is standing trial alongside six alleged accomplices for conspiring to detonate explosives at key sites in Britain, causing maximum damage and fatalities. Among the intended targets were the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent, the National Grid, synagogues and a nightclub in Central London, the court was told during the second day of the trial.

However, the plotters did not realise that as they pondered which of many potential targets to strike, their movements were being monitored by police, David Waters, QC, for the prosecution, said. Some of their cars and homes had been bugged. One defendant, Jawad Akbar, allegedly said in a recording: “The biggest nightclub in Central London. No one can put their hands up and say they are innocent — those slags dancing around.”

One defendant, Jawad Akbar, allegedly said in a recording: “The biggest nightclub in Central London. No one can put their hands up and say they are innocent — those slags dancing around.”
Read more if you dare

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