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Friday, March 31, 2006

Bosun Op-ed: Here we go again - Daffy Dean

The AP Headline from the Mercury News: Howard Dean accuses Bush, GOP of exploiting immigration issue - OAKLAND, California. - Democratic Party chief Howard Dean accused President Bush and the Republican Party on Friday of exploiting the immigration issue for political gain by scapegoating Hispanics.

Excuse me Mr. Dean. Could you explain your mean spirited and hateful ad hominem attacks on our president? I do not understand your position. You fail to mention that you both support a Senate bill that would expand guest-worker program. If your limited brain cell capacity brain could go back far enough, President Bush has had that position for some time.

Back in 2005, President Bush was shocked to find out about New Passport Rules Orders Review to See if Policy Can Be Relaxed for Frequent Travelers coming from Canada and Mexico. He has been perfectly clear on his position with the guest worker program throughout his presidency. You, sir, are the bearer of mixed signals.

You have disgraced yourself and your own party many times in the past. Taking a trip down memory lane, was it not you who blew things out of proportion during your democratic presidential primary considerations. I seem to recall that you verbally attacked John Edwards and was forced to write him a apology. Oh, I understand. It is OK for ad hominem attacks on anyone and everyone because all is fair in politics??????

Mr. Dean, you have attacked the President from the day and you have continued to lambast the President and his administration into the present. In December, you have insulted our troops and said about our efforts in Iraq that the, "idea that we're going to win the war in Iraq is an idea which is just plain wrong."

Mr. Dean, you have showed that you are on the wrong side of history. If you ever stopped and listened to yourself, you might find it embarrassing. But then again, as a true dyed in the wool liberal democrat, you probably are not able to feel embarrassment.

Talk about someone who is exploiting immigration, I would say it appears to be your party, sir. Talk about exploiter for ones own political gains, look in the mirror, Mr. Dean.

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