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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Rick Roberts Op-ed: Illegal Alien Protest

Illegal Alien ProtestReposted with permission from Rick Roberts, 760 KFMB AM radio, San Diego, California. For further information about Rick or his points of view, please visit Rick's Blog at 760 KFMB.

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by Rick Roberts
March 29th, 2006

To all of the Mexican flag waving students who walked out of schools in an organized Mexican media driven protest…DID YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU’RE PROTESTING?

As I suspected, many kids just wanted to walk out of school to take the day off, and have absolutely no clue about what the hubbub is all about.

In a nutshell…here’s what you were fighting for.

You were screaming to break down our borders, which could be useful in protecting us from terrorists.

You were chanting for Mexico, yet you chose not to live there.

Why so much pride in a country you don’t live in, and yet so much disdain for the laws of the country that you call home?

You were fighting for the amnesty of illegal aliens, which I guess could be understandable if it’s your Uncle or Father who was trying to feed his family, BUT NOT EVERYONE THAT CROSSES THE BORDER IS A SWEET HARD WORKING MEXICAN JUST TRYING TO HELP HIS FAMILY.

33% of the U.S. prison population is made up of illegals.

In Los Angeles, 95 percent of outstanding homicide warrants are for illegal aliens, as are 66 percent of fugitive felony warrants.

The notorious 18 Street Gang has 20,000 members, of whom 60 to 80 percent are illegal aliens, according to the California Department of Justice and the Los Angeles Police Department, respectively.

The Lil’ Cycos Gang, notorious for murder, racketeering, and drugs in Los Angeles’s MacArthur Park, was thought to be 60 percent illegals in 2002, and the percentage is higher now.

90 percent of the meth (methamphetamine) manufactured in this country is manufactured by Mexican national (Mexican non-U.S citizen) drug organizations,“- Ron Gravitt, California Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement’s clandestine lab unit chief, Oct. 2000, Sacramento Bee Special Report. “Methamphetamine cases today account for 80% of the nation’s police departments’ drug investigations.”

Over the past five years, an average of more than 72,000 aliens have been arrested annually on drug charges alone.

Taxpayers pay $750 million annually to house the 18,000 illegal aliens in California prisons alone.

So…do those folks also deserve amnesty with all of the others?

It’s very easy to get emotionally driven up about this topic, and to think that you’re a victim because of your heritage, but please, before you protest, INFORM YOURSELF!

Saying that this country really belongs to Mexicans is just ignorant, and proves you should have stayed in school instead of taking to the streets.

“I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!” - Rick Roberts

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