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Friday, March 17, 2006

President Bush better get hot

President Bush and his staff better get hot on this. Hillary and her libs had a field day with Portgate. Even if they were wrong, they got the jump on Portgate and dragged it out of proportion. So, what are you going to think when Schumer, Durbin, Hillary, and the rest of the bleeding heart liberals start yelling for blood about airport security? They are going to steal the thunder from our President on this.

The Republicans better clean house. I am not sure what is going on with TSA. It appears that they have been screwing the pooch for a while. Holding screeners accountable may help. Better equipment may be a solution, too.

One thing for sure, if they cannot find the explosives training aids, get screeners in there who can find the explosives. When the going gets rough the rough gets going.

Airport Screeners Let Bomb Materials Through
Breaking from

Federal agents tested security screeners at 21 U.S. airports by carrying bomb-making materials - and not a single would-be "suicide bomber" was detected. "In all 21 airports tested, no machine, no swab, no screener anywhere stopped the bomb materials from getting through," according to a report from NBC Nightly News that cited government sources. For the rest of the article, go here
We have been fooling around with airport screeners since Homeland Security took the security reins from the Airport Port Authorities and the airline companies.

My contention is there are willing workers who want to do the work right. So, who or what is getting in the way? Republicans, you can remove the barriers and road blocks.

We need a top to bottom evaluation of the process and rapid response from the President and the Republican administration.

Transportation Security Administration claims that detecting explosives and protecting the flying public are their top priorities. But, after the NBC breaking news story came out, they apparently had only a weak comment.

WASHINGTON - A government report on sneaking explosives past airport screeners was "valuable" but failed to consider the full erray of air travel security measures, the head of the Transportation Security Administration said Friday.
So much for "Bureaucratic bumbling." Get hot Republicans, otherwise, Hillary-care, and the rest of her party will step in a stir the pot and get credit for being, "tough on security." Remember Port-gate.

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